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Goal Statement
The internship experience at Minnesota State University is a program that offers students the opportunity to meet individual educational goals and objectives.
Academic Requirements

COB Junior Standing and GPA of 2.7 or higher at the time you register for the internship.

Student Responsibilities
Before the internship:

Meet with the internship coordinator to determine if the internship is acceptable and if you meet the academic requirements.  Bring your DARS report and internship job description to this meeting.

If the internship is acceptable and you meet the above academic requirements, prepare an application file (items #1 through #7 listed below).  If your application is approved, you will be given permission to register for Mgmt 497 and/or Mgmt 498.  Once permission is given, you must register for your internship.

1. Complete the internship Application Form and Process Form.  Be sure to sign and date the application form.
2. Write a brief but detailed letter of introduction to the internship coordinator that should include the following:
       a. A personal historical profile
     b. A description of personal interests or hobbies
     c. Reason or reasons for desiring an internship experience
3. A picture of yourself (to be used only for identification purposes).  You may insert a JPG photo into your letter of introduction.
4. Provide a copy of your DARS report.
5. Write a goal statement that should include the following (at least three typed pages, one page for each goal type):
       a. Personal goals--short-term (within one year) and
         long-term (five years or more).
     b. Career goals--short-term (within one year) and
         long-term (five years or more).

     c. A detailed list of objectives for the internship experience  
         that should identify what you are trying to accomplish by
         doing an internship.  Be sure to keep a copy of these
         goals because you will use them to write your
         final report.

6. Provide a copy of your job description from your employer.
7. A letter of acceptance from your employer.  This letter should be written on company letterhead and include a start and end date and the number of hours that will be worked each week.  You will need to work approximately 40 hours at the internship for each semester credit earned.  For example, you will need to work 120 hours at your internship position in order to earn three semester credits.
During the internship:
8. Submit Weekly Reports weekly to the Dropbox in Desire2Learn that describe your daily activities and progress toward your goals during the previous week.
At the end of the internship:
9. Complete a Student Evaluation of Internship survey.
10. Write an Internship Final Report. See Guidelines.

Geographic Limitations

There are no geographic limitations.
Employer's Responsibilities
1. The student's supervisor is asked to submit a letter of acceptance and job description for the intern. This letter should include a start and end date and the number of hours worked each week.  The letter should be written on company letterhead and signed by the student's supervisor or the company's human resource representative or internship director.
2. Provide supervision and instruction that will assure the student a meaningful learning experience.
3. Evaluate the student's progress and work performance, and provide an evaluative report  (one page) to the college.  This evaluation, along with the intern's final report, will be used to determine the grade for the internship.
4. Compensation for the internship is an individual matter between the student and the employer.
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