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Meet with the internship coordinator, Dr. Miles Smayling (MH 150, miles.smayling@mnsu.edu), to see if your internship is suitable as a management internship and to determine if you meet the academic requirements to register for the internship course.  Bring a copy of the job description for the internship and a current copy of your DARS (Degree Audit Review System) report to this meeting.  Because the internship will be included in your major, it must achieve general management or human resource management learning objectives.  Do not accept an internship until it is approved by the internship coordinator.

The DARS report must contain your current general education, major, and minor information for your undergraduate bulletin.  Contact the College of Business Advising Center (MH 151) to update this information if needed.   The DARS report can be printed through MSU's e-Services or requested at the Campus Hub.


Registration--"Permission to Register" for internship credit will be granted to the student by the coordinator after an application file (consisting of items 1 through 7 on the Check-off Sheet) has been received and accepted.  Be sure to sign and date the application form.

After receiving permission to register, you must register for the credits.  Interns must register for the internship credits for the term they are working at their internship.  Registration must be completed and tuition and fees must be paid by the dates required by the university.


Mgmt 497 (P/NC) is taken for 3 credits (120 hours of work are required) and is an elective for students in the General Management option.  Mgmt 498 (Grade only) may be taken for 3 credits (120 hours of work are required) as an elective for students in the Human Resource Management option.  Internship grades are based on the employer's evaluation and the quality of the final internship report.


Starting and ending dates of employment will vary and will be arranged between the intern and the employer, and approved by the coordinator.

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