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A comprehensive written report will be required of all interns.  This report is due one week before the semester ends or upon a date agreed to by the intern and the coordinator.  This report should include the following:


Briefly describe the background of the industry and organization you were associated with during the internship. Include the short-run and long-run outlook for this type of organization and the possibilities of future positions for college graduates with this organization and other organizations in the same field.


Briefly describe the major areas for which you were responsible during your internship.


Review the detailed list of objectives for the internship experience that you submitted with your internship application (part 5c of your application file).  Examine and discuss how each objective was or was not met.  This review should be extensive and represent at least 50 percent of the paper.


Relate your internship experience to your program outcomes.  You only need to write about those program outcomes that you actually accomplished during your internship.  The program outcomes will be available in D2L Content.


Other comments you have to offer.


Upload a copy of your final report to the appropriate folder in the D2L Dropbox.


The report should be typed, meet collegiate writing standards, and be 5 - 10 pages in length.  Both the content of the final report and the quality of your writing will affect your grade for the final report.  Your internship course grade will be based on your supervisor's evaluation and your final report.

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