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Benefits to the Employer
1. Professionals in the sponsoring organization have access to new concepts and ideas through the intern.
2. The sponsor has a chance to assess the intern without making a long-term commitment.
3. The internship can help employers do needed projects.
Benefits to the University
1. Provides an opportunity for the university to relate academic training to job requirements.
2. Uses many community facilities and resources for educational purposes making it possible for the university to provide education in fields that it could not otherwise serve.
3. Enables the university to keep abreast of developments in the business and industrial world.
4. Provides a direct avenue through which the university can meet community needs.
Benefits to the Community
1. Provides the community with an increased source of well-educated workers.
2. Provides the community with a labor force that is more thoroughly educated than graduates who have not had work-experience education and hence works more efficiently.
3. Increases cooperation between the community and the university.

Increases the possibility that young people will remain in the community after graduation.

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